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About me

about me

Creative Multimedia & Graphic Designer

A bit of my story

It was the mid 80’s when after watching the afternoon cartoons a young kid pick up a pencil and started drawing. What began as a fun activity soon turn into a passion. The love for arts and animation shape the future interest of this kid from a coastal town in the east coast of Puerto Rico.

The teen years were spent making portraits, photoshoots and short films along with friends from the neighborhood, family members and anyone who wanted to be part of the thrill. The passion for animation took this young man from Puerto Rico to Ft. Lauderdale to pursue a degree in Media Arts and Animation. After graduation and upon returning to Puerto Rico; opportunities to work in television, pharmaceuticals, newspapers, magazines, record labels, production companies, food chains among others, presented themselves.

It is with great respect that I present to you some of the work I have done over the last 15 years. In each you will find a little bit of the kid who started drawing cartoon characters in the back of his notebook and ended up putting together movie trailers for production companies. I invite you to browse my portfolio and to contact me for further details and information. Thank you for your visit.